13/09OxfordSmash Disco @ The LibraryMYSTIC INANE + Scrap Brain + Junkie Brush
05/08BrightonBrighton ElectricAUSTERITY + Jungfrau + Order #227 (Junkie Brush) + Minotor
15/07OxfordThe WheatsheafTHE CORSAIRS + Trauma UK + Junkie Brush + Strike One
13/02OxfordThe WheatsheafMAN MAKE FIRE + Jungfrau + Junkie Brush + Laima Bite


28/11OxfordThe CellarPETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES + The Corsairs + Rebel Station + Strike One + Junkie Brush + Headstone Horrors
17/10OxfordThe WheatsheafJUNKIE BRUSH + Tenth Listen + Violent Chimes
01/08OxfordThe WheatsheafJUNKIE BRUSH + K-Lacura + Agness Pike


16/02OxfordThe Hollybush, OsneyWittstock Festival Fundraiser Event with loads of bands all weekend
16/03OxfordThe CellarIt's All About The Music presents "PUNKOLYMPIA II"
30/03OxfordThe Jericho TavernThe Goggenheim E.P. launch with the Cellar Family + JB


18/08OxfordThe WheatsheafMother Corona + Traps + JB
04/05CulhamThe Railway InnWittstock Festival with Ian Staples, Domes of Silence, Class Dismissed, Seelfie and Mark Allen Barnes
17/02OxfordThe Hollybush, OsneyWittstock Festival Fundraiser Event with Space Heroes of the People + Junkie Brush + more
02/02OxfordWahooOxford Rock & Metal Society present DISCORD - JB + Reign of Fury + Indigo Montoya
21/01OxfordThe Bullingdon ArmsThe Cellar Family (E.P. Launch gig) + JB + more
13/01OxfordThe WheatsheafSecret Rivals, Hot Hooves, Mary Bendy Toy


11/02OxfordThe WheatsheafSmall Machine, Eleros
26/02OxfordThe O2 AcademySenses Fail + Man Overboard + JB + Crysis
17/03PortsmouthThe Fat FoxJunkie Brush + Crysis + Subdued
05/05OxfordThe BullySKELETOR Presents - Undersmile + K-Lacura + Crysis + Junkie Brush
24/06LondonThe Bull & GateVertical Smile + Headcount + Junkie Brush


31/12OxfordThe O2 Academy"Your Song" with various bands including Agness Pike, Prohibition Smokers Club, Braindead Collective
20/11OxfordThe WheatsheafBeelzebozo, Caravan of Whores, The Fierce
15/10OxfordBullingdon ArmsBlack Powder, others
30/09ReadingThe Rising SunTBC
21/08OxfordThe WheatsheafAgness Pike + Pyrrhic Victory
25/03OxfordPort MahonRiothouse + Beaver Fuel
14/01Witney, OXONFat Lil'sUndersmile + more


06/12OxfordThe WheatsheafDesert Storm + From Light To Sound
02/12OxfordThe WheatsheafUndersmile + more
01/05OxfordThe WheatsheafBeaver Fuel, Moiety, Film Noir
21/01OxfordThe Purple TurtleBlack Powder, Alley Rats


27/11OxfordThe BullyDedlok, The Crushing
13/11Bicester, OXONThe HobgoblinBeelzebozo, Phantom Theory
07/11OxfordThe WheatsheafMephisto Grande, Black Hats
31/10OxfordThe Exeter HallHALLOWE'EN - Belezebozo, The Crushing, EXP


17/11OxfordThe ZodiacDischarge, EXP
28/10OxfordThe Exeter HallHalloween - The Walk Off, The Berts, Fork, The Taste
30/09OxfordThe WheatsheafGet Out Clause
07/09Bicester, OXONThe HobgoblinVarious
19/08Bampton, OXONThe Romany InnWittstock Festival
15/07Oxford??D-Blockers, The Sticks
08/07Charlbury, OXONCornbury FestivalRiverside Stage
16/03OxfordThe ZodiacBlack velvets, Winterville, Blind Pilots
18/02Banbury, OXONThe Mill Arts CenterEXP, Narcissism
17/02OxfordThe Exeter HallAnti-Valentine's Day - Junkie Brush , Headcount, Beelzebozo, Vena Cava, Nagatha Crusti, Audio Pollution
15/01OxfordThe Exeter HallWittstock Fundraiser
11/01OxfordThe BullyHeadcount, Submerse, Buzztone
05/01LondonThe Hope & AnchorMonoset, The Polaris


14/12OxfordThe WheatsheafReely Fool, Submerse
16/12OxfordThe ZodiacYour Song XXX - A Silent Film + Harry Angel + Suitable Case for Treatment + SOW + The Green + Junkie Brush + Hypadrunk
03/12OxfordThe Exeter HallGappy Tooth Winter Warmer
28/10OxfordThe Exeter HallHALLOWE'EN - Suitable case For Treatment, Headcount, Stig
21/09OxfordThe BullyRobben Island, Lorenzo
09/09OxfordThe Exeter HallHeadcount
07/09OxfordThe WheatsheafBlindsighted
21/08Long Wittenham, OXONWittStockBarry & The Beachcombers + many more
29/07Wantage, OXONThe SweatboxVerbal Kink, Harry Angel, Phyal, The Process
02/07OxfordThe Exeter HallVerbal Kink, Harry Angel, Phyal, The Process
28/06OxfordThe Exeter HallAcoustic open mic night
10/06OxfordThe ZodiacHoliday Stabbings, Phyal, Bombshoe
09/06Bicester, OXONThe HobgoblinVerbal Kink, Harry Angel, Phyal, The Process
11/05OxfordThe City TavernNightshift's PUNT w/ Fell city Girl, Half Rabbits
06/05OxfordThe Exeter HallCJ Rock - Soulburn
07/05Witney, OXONLangdale HallVerbal Kink + others
04/05OxfordThe Kiss BarHeadcount, Submerse
16/04Bicester, OXONThe County ClubHarry Angel, The Unchosen
30/03OxfordThe BullyFork, Phyal
04/03OxfordThe WheatsheafSacred Disorder, Reverend Moonshine
02/03Didcot, OXONThe VibeThe Walk Off, Submerse, The Moneyshots, Sargies Mum
18/02OxfordMorals BarPhyal, Soulburn, Cain's Mark


18/12OxfordThe ZodiacXmas Your Song - Toulouse, The Evenings, Sexy Breakfast, In The Flesh, Sir Bald Diddley, Horsefighter
10/12OxfordMorals BarEl Jaego
30/11OxfordThe CellarSextodecimo, The Unchosen
29/10OxfordThe Exeter HallHALLOWE'EN - Verbal Kink, Submerse, Floating Face Down
28/09OxfordThe CellarVerbal Kink, Shadow Machine
14/08Witney, OXONThe PitAllYouMiss, Smilex, Back By Six, Modo Cada
12/08OxfordThe CellarSubmerse
18/07Bicester, OXONThe HobgoblinSUITABLE CASE FOR TREATMENT, Ivy's Itch, Domes of Silence, Junkie Brush, P.Y.E., The Anderson Tapes
10/07OxfordThe WheatsheafGunnbunny
02/06OxfordThe ZodiacThe Fever, The Kicks
11/05OxfordThe Jericho TavernThe 8 Valve Can, Acoustic Matt
05/05Witney, OXONThe Barn @ The Red LionPhyal, Arkov
15/04BicesterThe HobgoblinVerbal Kink, Phyal
26/03OxfordThe ZodiacNaked Angel, Odeetee