Formed in 2003, Junkie Brush went through various metamorphoses before emerging naked, bloody and screaming onto the stage of the Oxford Zodiac in early 2004. Playing their debut for local promoters Gappy Tooth Industries they scared their way up the bill (during soundcheck the middle band refused to go on after them, choosing to open instead...) and put in a typically incendiary performance. Wasting no time they recorded an album in two days on a disused airfield, releasing it as "Songs for the Angry Pacifist" in summer 2004.

In 2005 Junkie Brush teamed up with four other local favourites to release the first "Fresh Faces for the Modern Age" album, a compilation featuring songs from Verbal Kink, Phyal, Harry Angel and The Process. This limited edition CD was released on their newly formed Rivet Gun Records label, and the bands toured in support of it. Eager for new material, Junkie Brush recorded a new E.P. - "Hearts & Mines" (2005) - before returning to the stage meaner and harder than ever.

2006 saw the band go from strength to strength, playing wider and more prestigious gigs - they headlined the Riverside stage at Cornbury Festival 2006, played Wittstock festival for the second year running and were main support for punk legends Discharge at the Oxford Zodiac. They recorded the "Eyeing up the Enemy" EP in the summer of 2006 and launched it at their now-legendary annual Hallowe'en gig. 2006 also saw them organise a charity 5-a-side football tournament in association with Audioscope and The tournament featured bands from across Oxfordshire teaming up to kick lumps out of each other.

After supporting Discharge in November 2006, the band split for a short Christmas break. A short break became a longer one as babies began to arrive at an alarming rate and mental and physical health became questionable. Fast forward to summer 2008 and the machinery began to grind again. Jim (13Gauge, City Lights Just Burn) joined on drums, rehearsals moved at a furious pace, new material was written and the band hit the stage to a wild reception at their first Hallowe'en gig in two years.

Junkie Brush continue to gig regularly, record and release new music through their home-spun record label, Rivet Gun Records, and have released music by numberous other Oxford bands. The band are currently preparing material for a new album in 2012 and are booking gigs throughout the year.

"Ace.. A hint of Killing Joke" - Nightshift Magazine

"A whiff of Beastie Boys... a hard-working band who are often bolshie, occasionally brilliant, but rarely boring." - Colin MacKinnon on OxfordBands

"Is this some proper Punk I see before me?" - Mac, the Zodiac

"Like being heavily bludgeoned for half an hour"